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There will be continual internal and external evaluations. The external evaluations are done by University. 75% attendance in regular classes, good conduct and fair progress are compulsory for appearing University examinations. APC (Attendance and Progress Certificate) will be forwarded to the University by the principal only if he/she fulfils the required attendance.
1. Computer Science:- The Department of Computer Science was established in the year 2002 with UG programme, and PG course and BCA was started in the year 2009. As the scope of the IT field has been increased, an additional section has been introduced in UG programme. At present the department has strength of 79 UG and 7 PG students.Learning Resources The general library has a number of books and journals relating to Computer Science for the students and staff members. New books are being regularly added to the library based on the changes in the Curriculam. 25 journals were subscribed for Computer Science department which help the students and staff members to update the recent trends in Information Technology. The staff members are using LCD, OHP and models for effective teaching. Browsing lab is given for the students to get aware of recent topics. PG students are encouraged to collect notes from web sites for presenting their seminars and assignments Lab Facilities The department has a well equipped laboratory with 30 systems with Pentium IV processors and also includes latest software. The lab facilities are also extended to the other departments for their allied practical. The department has 2 GB broad band net facility with the speed of 512kbps . PG students are encouraged to collect notes from web sites for presenting their seminars and assignments.Computer Science provides the theory and practice that supports the practical application of computers in our every day lives. Computer Science is particularly concerned with the aspect of application software and networking / communication. MASC offers a course curriculum where students learn computer programming, computer networking and computer graphics to name just a few. Overall the student is prepared technically and academically to face life as a computer professional, as industrial experience is a part of the core curriculum.
2. Chemistry :- Department of Chemistry was installed in the year 2002. Within a short time, the department has grown with the introduction of PG course in the year 2005 Chemistry has made greater contributions to our quality of life than any other science. Antibiotics and innumerable other drugs are just some of the chemical triumphs. Chemical and pharmaceutical industries are growth-oriented areas where research plays an important role, and therefore offers immense opportunities to those with a typical bent of mind towards this field. MASC offers a degree course, which can be rated on par with top class institutions in the country. The course imparts both scientific and technical skills required to work in the chemical, Pharmaceutical or related industries such as information technology. The masters programme aims to impart knowledge in specialist fields such as environmental and forensic chemistry, analytical chemistry and research in the field of molecular structure.Lab facilities:
  • Two labs of 2x55 sq.m size physical lab
  • Two labs of 2x150 sq.m size physical lab
  • Balance Rooms - 2 Nos.
  • Store Rooms - 2 Nos
3. Commerce & Management Studies:- The department offers B.Com courses, Commerce attracts a good number of bright students every year in the college. The department has dedicated staff members. Guest lectures are arranged periodically by inviting experts from Industries & Institutions who impart knowledge to the students in latest areas relating to commerce.The department has well-furnished and spacious class rooms. In addition to the general library in the college, the department maintains a separate library exclusively for the use of the students and the department. Students are motivated to participate in seminars/conferences conducted in the local colleges regularly. Soft skills programs are conducted periodically for the benefit of the students to improve their communication skills.
4. Business Administration :-The B.B.A. Programme provides a strong grounding in traditional and contemporary management concepts. The B.B.A. programme seeks to prepare the students to possess a conceptual frame work of management that will help them apply to multitude of situations. The three-year B.B.A programme will also help the students develop a broad swathe of basic skills and knowledge in the functional area of Management.
  • To help students familiarize with the basic concepts of Management.
  • To develop communication skills
  • To acquire tools and approaches that will equip the students to analyze complex business problems
  • To prepare and develop the young aspirants to meet the challenges of corporate sector
  • To acquire an understanding about wider gamut of concepts, polices and techniques relevant to better administration of Business.
5. Psychology :-The Department of Psychology was installed in the year 2002. Within a short time, the department has grown with the introduction of PG course in the year 2002 and UG Course in the year 2011.Psychology is the study of the mind, occurring partly via the study of behavior. Grounded in scientific method, psychology has the immediate goal of understanding individuals and groups by both establishing general principles and researching specific cases, and for many it ultimately aims to benefit society. In this field, a professional practitioner or researcher is called a psychologist, and can be classified as a social scientist, behavioral scientist, or cognitive scientist. Psychologists attempt to understand the role of mental functions in individual and social behavior, while also exploring the physiological and neurobiological processes that underlie certain cognitive functions and behaviors.Psychologists explore such concepts as perception, cognition, attention, emotion, phenomenology, motivation, brain functioning, personality, behavior, and interpersonal relationships. Psychologists of diverse stripes also consider the unconscious mind. Psychologists employ empirical methods to infer causal and correlational relationships between psychosocial variables. In addition, or in opposition, to employing empirical and deductive methods, some—especially clinical and counseling psychologists—at times rely upon symbolic interpretation and other inductive techniques. Psychology incorporates research from the social and natural sciences, and from the humanities, such as philosophy.
Teachers of MASC are experts who know what the student wants and guide and advise them according to their calibers


ABDUL SALIM R. U          MA(Eng).MA(Mal.),M.Phil.,NET    Administrator cum Secretary
MINI.C.V                                   MSc.  M.Phil,NET                                              Principal
 Chemistry Dept.
1 Deepa Joseph .K                     M.Sc                                                                 Asst.Prof.
2 Salabha . M.S                          M.Sc . B.Ed.  SET                                            Asst.Prof.
3 Safna .C                                  M.Sc . B.Ed.  NET                                             Asst.Prof.
4 Navya . N.S                             M.Sc . B.Ed.  SET                                             Asst.Prof.
Computer Science Dept
5 Aleena.M.A                              MCA                                                                  HOD
6 Foumida .A.B                           MCA                                                                  Asst.Prof.
7 Vrindha . C                               MCA                                                                  Asst.Prof.
8 Saritha.K.S                               MCA                                                                  Asst.Prof.
9 Vidya.E.S                                 MCA                                                                  Asst.Prof.
10 Reeny Zackarias                    M.Tech                                                              Asst.Prof.
Commerce And Management Studies Dept
11 Manju .M.B                            M.Com. NET                                                     Asst.Prof.
12  Abha Job                              M.Com                                                              Asst.Prof.
13 Divya. T. V                             M.Com                                                              Asst.Prof.
14 Salma Parvin P. S                 M.Com                                                               Asst.Prof.
15 Smitha Subhramanian          M.Com                                                               Asst.Prof.
16 Jini . K. K                              M.Com .  MBA                                                    Asst.Prof.
17 Stephy . K.j                           M.Com                                                               Asst.Prof.
18 Simi.T.S                                M.Com. B.Ed                                                     Asst.Prof.  
Psychology Dept

19 Sheeba V. Jose                    MA., M.Sc., M.Ed.,BCC                                      HOD
20 N.R. Dhilsha Rajan               M.Sc                                                                   Asst.Prof.
21 Litty Anto                               M.Sc                                                                   Asst.Prof.
22 Jishma Joshy. E.                   M.Sc                                                                   Asst.Prof.
23 Jith George                           M.Sc                                                                   Asst.Prof.
 English Dept
24 Neethu.K.R                           MA                                                                       HOD
25 Josny Johnson                      MA                                                                       Asst.Prof.
26 Arun.S.Kaimal                       MA.NET                                                               Asst.Prof.
27 Tiny.M.A                                 MA. B.Ed                                                             Asst.Prof.
28 Sreelakshmi . C                     MA. B.Ed                                                             Asst.Prof.
Malayalam Dept
29 Rajeena K.M                         MA. B.Ed                                                              Asst.Prof.
Hindi Dept
30 Chindu Premkumar               MA. B.Ed                                                              Asst.Prof.
Physics Dept
31 Arun.P                                   M.Sc                                                                      HOD
32 Fritty.P.F                                M.Sc                                                                      Asst.Prof.
33 Aiswarya .K.Devadas            M.Sc .B.Ed                                                             Asst.Prof.
   Mathematics Dept
34 Aswathy M.S                         M.Sc . B.Ed. SET                                                   HOD
35 Vinaya.N.V                            M.Sc . M.Phil                                                          Asst.Prof.
36 Harsha .K.J                           M.Sc                                                                       Asst.Prof.
37 Athira K.R                              M.Sc                                                                       Asst.Prof.
Non Teaching Staff
38 Sekharan P.R                        MA.                                                                         HR. Manager
39 Prasannakumari M.A             MCA,MBA,M.Phil,Diploma                                     Superintendent
40 Sanitha Chandran                 MBA                                                                        Admin  Asst.
41 Ramesh .P.                            B.Com                                                                    Accountant
42 Soorya Gayathri.V                 M.Com. Net                                              Office Asst cum Lib Assst
43 Manjula . M.K.                        B.Com . DPCS                                                       Office Assistant
44 Padmajadevi . A. Y                 B.Sc .B.Ed .                                                            Lib . Asst
45 Preetha.P.V                             MCA                                                                       Comp.Lab Instr
46 Swetha. P.M                            M.Sc                                                                       Chemistry Lab Asst
47 Asharaf V.P                                                                                                             Supporting Staff
48 Geetha E.K                                                                                                                 ."
49 Sajitha A.A                                                                                                                   "
50 Thilothama                                                                                                                   "
51 Subaida                                                                                                                        "
52 Damodaran K.M                                                                                                       Security Staff
53 Gopinathan K.M                                                                                                           
54 Vinayakumar .K                                                                                                            "
To face the technological challenges, we provide our aspirants with wide spectrum of latest well equipped laboratories .Each science Dept namely Computer Science, Chemistry,Physics,Psychology etc has spectaculous laboratories.
Career Guidance and Placement Cell of Mother Arts And Science College, is a unique institutional arrangement in the campus primarily motivated to empower the student community in particular the needy and the poor in terms of providing training and securing a job at the end of the final year. Offering information, advice, guidance and support for job-seeking students is considered a primary responsibility of the placement cell. The Placement and Training Center is provided with a well-equipped office headed by a Placement Co-ordinator, who is further assisted by a placement officer. The Placement cell also disseminates information regarding centres of excellence in higher education in India and abroad through its notice boards. The centre also disseminates information regarding the availability of jobs through brochures periodically received from various companies. Another hallmark of the centre is that it conducts periodically training programmes in soft skills for the deserving students.
Thrissur, Kerala


The heart of the scientific method does not purely absolute truth, science is a mechanism. It’s a way of trying to improve your knowledge of nature; it’s a system for testing your thoughts against the universe and seeing whether they match. One never notices what has been done; one can only see what remains to be done..

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